Hybrid Solvent Trap for 9mm and .45

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Elevate your maintenance experience with our Hybrid Solvent Trap, a versatile solution that seamlessly blends innovation, durability, and lightweight design for unparalleled performance.

Key Features:

  1. Skirted Cup Excellence: Crafted from high-quality Stainless Steel 304, our Skirted Cup boasts a cutting-edge 60-degree cone with a hollow design. This unique combination ensures maximum durability without compromising on lightweight design, making it a crucial component for your maintenance.
  2. Radial Cup Superiority: Our Radial Cup, also made from Stainless Steel 304, features an innovative 110-degree curvature combined with a radial cone design. This “hybrid solvent trap” is highly effective. The package includes both 1/2×28 and 5/8×24 end caps. With a cup top face slightly larger than 0.46 inches, it’s ready to handle .45 calibers. Stainless Steel cups offer superior durability compared to aluminum alternatives.
  3. Lightweight Spacer: The spacer, constructed from Aluminum 7075, showcases an I-beam shape with a hollow design. It contributes to the trap’s lightweight profile while ensuring ample combustion space within the assembly. The recommended internal assembly sequence is Spacer > Skirted Cup > Radial Cup.


  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Spacer, and Stainless Steel Cups
  • Outer Diameter: 1.56″
  • Inner Diameter: 1.42”
  • Tube Length: 7.87″

Package Contents:

Your purchase includes a comprehensive kit to enhance your maintenance experience:

  • 1x Aluminum Tube
  • 1x Aluminum Spacer
  • 1x Stainless Steel Skirted Cup
  • 8x Stainless Steel Radial Cups
  • 1x Sealed End Cap
  • 2x End Caps (1/2×28 + 5/8×24 Thread Mount)
  • 1x Wrench

Experience Unmatched Performance:

The Hybrid Solvent Trap is engineered to deliver superior performance and versatility for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its unique combination of Stainless Steel components ensures maximum durability, while the lightweight design enhances maneuverability. Whether you’re cleaning a 9mm or .45 caliber , this solvent trap has you covered.

Upgrade your maintenance toolkit with the Hybrid Solvent Trap, and enjoy the perfect balance of innovation, durability, and lightweight design. It’s time to take your maintenance game to the next level.



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