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Understanding the correct thread pitch adapter for your firearm is crucial for ensuring compatibility and functionality. In this Q&A guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of pitch adapters for different firearms, from pistols to rifles, specifically in 9mm calibers.

Handguns Thread Pitch Adapters

Brand/TypeCaliberThread Pitch
After Market Barrels.221/2×28
 .40 SW9/16×24
 .45 ACP5/7×28
BT9mm13.5×1 LHM
 .45 ACP5/7×28
Glock9mm13.5×1 LHM
 .40 SW14.5×1 LHM
 .45 ACP16×1 LHM
HK9mm13.5×1 LHM
 .40 SW14.5×1 LHM
 .45 ACP16×1 LHM
HK2316×1 RHM
Smith & Wesson.221/2×28
 .45 ACP5/7×28
Sig Sauer9mm13.5×1 LHM
 .45 ACP5/7×28
Sphinx9mm13.5×1 LHM
Styer Arms9mm1/2×28 or 13.5×1 LHM

Pistol Caliber Carbines & Sub Guns Thread Pitch Adapters

BrandCaliberThread Pitch
Angstadt Arms9mm12×36
 .40 SW58×24
 .45 ACP578×28
 9mm12×36 or 12×28
 .40 SW578×28
 .45 ACP578×28
CZ9mm18×1 (pre-2016) or 12×28
Kel Tec9mm12×28
 .40 SW9/16×24
LWRC.45 ACP578×28
MP5 Variants9mm12×28 or 3 lug
Sig Sauer9mm13.5×1 LHM
Quarter Circle 109mm12×28
 .40 SW58×24 or 578×28
 .45 ACP578×28
the 9mm thread pitch adapter

Rifles Thread Pitch Adapters

Brand/TypeCaliberThread Pitch
Common Pitches5.5612×28
 .30 cal58×24
Accuracy International58×24
CMMG350 Legend12×28
CZ557 UCS58×24
 750 Sniper18×1
Bren S112×28
Desert Tech.30 cal34×24 or 58×24
FNHFN 1512×28
 SCAR 1612×28
 SCAR 1758×24
 SCAR 20S58×24
Knight Armament CompanySR2534×24
Rock River Arms350 Legend12×36
RugerMini 149/16×24 (pre-2009)
 350 Legend12×28
 450 Bushmaster11/16×24
Sako.30 cal18×1
 T3 Compact Tac58×24
 T3 Tac18×1
Winchester350 Legend11/16×24

Adapters Instruction Manual:

  1. Purpose: This manual provides information on the correct thread pitch adapters for various firearms.
  2. How to Use: Identify your firearm’s brand and caliber. Refer to the tables above to find the corresponding thread pitch.
  3. Safety Precautions: Always ensure your firearm is unloaded before making any modifications. Consult with a professional if unsure about the correct adapter.
  4. Maintenance: Regularly check the thread pitch adapter for any signs of wear or damage. Replace if necessary.
  5. Storage: Store the adapters in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  6. Conclusion: Using the correct thread pitch adapter ensures the optimal performance and safety of your firearm. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines and consult with professionals when in doubt.

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